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Software, Gamified

We make your software fun and engaging by designing and developing serious (applied) games. We utilize powerful gamification principles and mechanics to help facilitate a higher level of interactivity that encourages maximum engagement and retention for your users.

Technology Stack and Process

Our team creates fun and engaging serious (applied) games for desktop and mobile devices by utilizing powerful 3d tools such as the Unity simulation and game engine along with 3d modeling programs such as Blender.

We'll help you ideate and plan as well as design and develop your game. To populate your game with content, we either work with your existing 3d models and environmental assets, create custom assets for you, or procure all necessary assets through 3rd party asset stores.

Own Your </Code>

Once your project is complete, you own the code. We release your proprietary source code and intellectual property with no licensing, no fees, and no hassles.