Progressive Websites

Design & Development

Design that inspires, functionality that delivers

Fast, Mobile Ready

We develop fast, responsive, mobile-ready websites that are strategically honed to your unique business objectives while being aesthetically engineered to captivate and intrigue your clients through streamlined UX (user experience) and intuitive UI (user interface) designs.

Technology Stack and Process

To create progressive websites, our developers leverage either WordPress; A powerful, server based blogging and website CMS (content management system) written in PHP, or Hugo; A blazingly fast, serverless static site generator written in GoLang.
We'll help you choose the right technology based on your specific business goals and objectives.


Get your progressive website up and running fast in the cloud. Our DevOps engineers can setup and configure a secure and reliable hosting environment through AWS (Amazon Web Services) that will enable your site for low latency access and global availability via powerful CDN's (Content Deliver Networks), along with the capability to dynamically scale on demand with your visitor traffic. Additionally, your site will be securely hosted on Metahawk's cloud during the development process.


Keep your site updated and secure by leveraging our progressive website maintenance services. We'll provide updates to your content and assets, upgrade your modules to their latest versions, perform full and incremental backups, as well as apply security and performance patches so that your site can continue to operate fast and efficiently throughout its lifecycle.