VR / AR / MR Websites

Design & Development

Immersive websites for true 3d web experiences

Immersive Websites

Give your business a head start on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality by offering your users the ability to interact with your product or service in an entirely new way. Immersive websites provide memorable and engaging experiences, while igniting the imagination and opening up the incredible opportunities of the 3d web to your users and your bottom line.

Technology Stack and Process

Our team creates immersive websites by utilizing powerful 3d tools such as the Unity simulation and game engine along with native 3d web technologies such as WebXR and WebGL.

We'll help you ideate and plan as well as design and develop your immersive website. To populate your site with content, we either work with your existing 3d models and environmental assets, create custom assets for you, or procure all necessary assets through 3rd party asset stores.

Your visitors can then explore your immersive website through popular HMD's (Head Mounted Displays) such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or via a wide assortment of compatible Windows Mixed Reality HMD's.


Get your immersive website up and running fast in the cloud. Our DevOps engineers can setup and configure a secure and reliable hosting environment through AWS (Amazon Web Services) that will enable your site for low latency access and global availability via powerful CDN's (Content Deliver Networks), along with the capability to dynamically scale on demand with your visitor traffic. Additionally, your site will be securely hosted on Metahawk's cloud during the development process.


Keep your site updated and secure by leveraging our immersive website maintenance services. We'll provide updates to your content and assets, upgrade your modules to their latest versions, perform full and incremental backups, as well as apply security and performance patches so that your site can continue to operate fast and efficiently throughout its lifecycle.